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Viewing recorded lectures provides a method for continuous instruction when absent from class along with providing a means to review material from class lectures attended. If you can not view the video on the right, download an updated version of Adobe Flash using the link below. Web site documents require the Adobe PDF Reader which can also be downloaded from the link below. Lectures are recorded in an Mp4 format, make sure the device you are using can view that format. If you can view the example lecture on the left, your software will view the class lectures.

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Your book provides numerous resources to assist you in learning the material and being successful in your math course. You are encouraged to take advantage of these free materials to strengthen your understanding of the topics presented. On the left side of this page is a link to www.interactmath.com to access more practice problems. (This video is in a SWF format and may be viewed by older Adobe Versions.)

Gene Cross developed a good resource - 10 Things You Should Do

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