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Beginning the Summer of 2012 the College Preparatory Mathematics Department at Aims Community College began using Pearson's MyMathLab for Online/Hybrid courses and to supplement face-to-face courses. You will need to purchase a license to access MyMathLab. Purchasing a license provides you access to an e-textbook, so you MAY NOT need to buy a print copy of the textbook. DO NOT PURCHASE A LICENSE UNTIL YOU ARE SURE you are taking a hybrid/Online course.
                                            • There is a short return period for licenses purchased online from the MyMathLab website.
                                            • See the bookstore for the return policy on licensing kits purchased there. (Once opened no return)
Online/Hybrid - This format relies on MyMathLab for homework and tests. This is the format for this class.
      • Tests are taken online in the Testing Office, College Center room 230, (click for hours) homework and quizzes are completed online through MyMathLab. You are required to come to campus for chapter post-tests.
              • You will be working primarily on your own, not required to attend class, and have some flexibility on your pace. Target dates are listed to keep students on pace that will allow course completion by the end of the semester.
                • Limited instructor assistance through on campus or online tutoring.
              • While the course is self-paced, to help you be successful, it is recommended that you maintain a pace similar to that in a face-to-face class.
              • Trying to complete the course in the last week is not possible

Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI) - This format relies on MyMathLab for homework and tests. This is the format for this class.

                    • This class requires attendance on campus or virtually for streamed classes and lectures are presented on the course content.

                    • Testing occurs in class or at the testing office. See course schedule.